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15 December 2020 in Article

Company registration – traditional or on-line?

For several years now, it is possible to register some of the companies not only…
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7 December 2020 in Article

Does your lease contract properly regulate the way in which the cost of the perpetual usufruct fee paid by the landlord is passed on to the tenant?

Commercial space lease agreements in larger facilities usually provide for monthly payments towards rent, service…
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17 September 2020 in Article

Is it possible to avoid contractual penalties claimed by the landlord in accordance with the lease agreement?

In agreements for lease of office, retail and warehouse space, landlords often reserve the right…
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25 May 2020 in Article

Commercial real estate – how to increase its value by concluding an appropriate lease agreement.

If you plan to develop a small or medium size project on the local commercial…
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