Wioleta Baranowska-Zając

Associate, Radca Prawny
Wioleta Baranowska-Zając

Wioleta advises on legal aspects of pharmacovigilance, civil procedure, business law and public procurement cases.

She is a qualified legal advisor. She holds a PhD in law.

Wioleta graduated from the University of Lodz. She completed several post-graduate studies including Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz, PhD in insurance at Finance and Business Vistula Academy in Warsaw and Polish-British School of Insurance and PhD in structural funds of the European Union at the University of Lodz. Wioleta is an author of scientific articles and conference presentations. She was granted a scholarship of Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements during her studies. At the university, Wioleta was active in the Scientific Association of European Law and Scientific Association of the Law in Sport. She joined the team in 2015.

Wioleta speaks Polish and English. She also communicates in Russian and German.